Help us in other ways

Ways to help – without giving your money

Some suggestions:

• If you are working in a job, you could ask your employer to offer match-funding for one of our fund-raising projects: they would offer to double what we collect (perhaps up to some fixed limit and deadline). This can really help us galvanise our donors into action.

• Make a bequest to the Club in your will.  We’ll be happy to advise about this if you need help.

• Ask us for a collection tin to place in a shop/café/pub/restaurant near your home, check on it periodically and collect it when it’s full

• Offer a service (eg. babysitting/ironing/cleaning) to family and friends in exchange for a donation

• Give something up (eg. alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, anything you are addicted to, or not) for a set period of time and donate the money you’ve saved

• Hold a dinner party and charge your guests a set amount, or charge a set amount plus a bit extra for each drink

• Get your work colleagues to pay you for making them a packed lunch

• Get sponsored to make coffee for your colleagues for a week/a certain number of days

• Knit/crochet garments and other lovely stuff that we can sell either online or on our stall at fetes

• Ask your family and friends for donations instead of birthday/christmas gifts

• Sell unwanted gifts/items on e-bay and donate the proceeds. Get your friends and family to give you their unwanted items/gifts to sell as well

• Ask a local business if they need a job done which you could do (eg. a wall painted, some shelves stacked, or their windows cleaned) and get your “wages” paid to us

• Persuade somebody to set up a direct debit, even a direct debit of £1 per month would be great because any amount of guaranteed income is better than none. See above for how they can do that.

• Polish shoes at a community event in exchange for a (suggested) donation

• Paint nails at a community event in exchange for a (suggested) donation (but check whether you need insurance first)

• Wrap Christmas gifts for small fee for people who have money to spare but no time. You could do this for family or friends, or you could ask for permission to set up a “wrapping-up station” at a local business or at a department store.

• Frame the artwork of a child you know and sell it to somebody who’d appreciate it or donate it to our fundraising stall.

• Do you have a skill (eg. origami, using social media, baking the perfect lemon meringue) that other people are prepared to pay to learn? Get a few people who’d like to learn it together, and get them to pay for the tutorial

• Start charging for something you do anyway (& that others take for granted). If you are the one who always ends up emptying the bins in your home or office, or walking other people’s dogs and watering their plants while they are away, suggest a donation in exchange

Remember that we are a registered charity, number 1154130, if anyone asks.


if you have any questions about how you can help us, get in touch via our contacts page.