Sponsors and donors

The Club has, since its foundation, been completely dependent on the generosity of its members, well-wishers and charity supporters for its survival and success. We receive no public money except small grants for special projects like helping members keep warm and well in winter.


Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity: two-year start-up grant £44,000 ended October 2014
Capital Growth Fund £250 2012
Electric Word PLC £150 2012
Fund raising by members and friends £2,085 2012-3
Jaqueline Grove, sponsored run in the Paris Marathon £1,200  2013
Friends of the Elderly, for Christmas related activities and celebrations £512 2013
Cicely Northcote Trust, for keep-fit, nail care and makeup £3,000 2013-4
Lambeth Warm and Well in Winter (2013, 2014) £1,300  2013-4
Fund raising by members and friends £3,983  2013-4
DEEP Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project, for profiling members £1,680 2014
London Catalyst, for Arts projects and to expand co-ordination capacity £8,500 2014
London Community Foundation, for hairdressing £2,000  2014
Jillian Grove, sponsored walk in the Scottish Highlands £1,155  2014
Family of our former member, the late Michael Batchelor £5,000 2014
The Greggs Foundation, for musical instruments £951 2014
Peter Minet Trust, for resident musician £3,900  2014-5
Trust House, towards second Club £2,500  2014-5
Archer Trust, towards second Club £500  2014-5
Anonimous Foundation, towards second Club £1000 2014-5
Charles Hayward Foundation, towards second Club £2,000  2015
Sylvia Waddilove Foundation, towards drama project £1,000  2015
The Mercers’ Company for art workshops £3,000  2015
GLA FreeSport for Dancing with dementia £1352.65  2015
AVIVA Community Foundation for
Lunch: A tasty calm oasis for dementia club
£4,356  2015
The Mrs Smith and Mount Trust: Let’s not sing Tipperary £4,300 2015
Care UK Wellbeing Foundation, for music-making project Rhythm No Blues £1922 2015-16
Brixton Fund – towards the cost of a local fundraising initiative intended to improve long-term sustainability of charity £750 2015-16
Peter Minet – Contribution to our Monday project: 1 year of physical activities and their evaluation, and contribution towards coordinator’s fee £4500 2015-16
Clapham Old Town Fund – Contribution towards the Wednesday Club, to pay for chair-based exercise £1000 2016
WG Edwards – Contribution towards the Monday Club – to pay for Art & Craft sessions for a year and Art & Craft supplies £1900 2016
The February Foundation – Chair-based exercise at the Wednesday Club £2000 2016-17
Inman Charity – further development of Rhythm No Blues £5000 2016-17
Heineken – further development of Rhythm No Blues £1000 2016-17

This is not a formal or complete list. For details, see our certified accounts.

For suggested ways you could support us, not just with money, click here


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